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What is Rich Chart Live?

Rich Chart Live is a free online service which creates enjoyable and captivating charts with attractive visuals and interactivity.

No software to download, nothing to install, all you need is any web browser that supports Flash, in Windows, Mac or Linux.

Import your data from a spreadsheet, export your chart as a Flash animation, as a PowerPoint presentation or embed directly to your blog or website by just copy & pasting HTML.

Impressive Charts Anywhere, Anytime

Create stunning Rich Media charts that present your data in an enjoyable and captivating experience.

No software to download, nothing to install, all you need is a web browser to create impressive charts. Rich Chart Live works from any web browser that supports Flash, in Windows, Mac, Linux and others.


With three easy steps you can build a breathtaking chart:

  1. Start by choosing from a variety of professionally designed chart templates.
  2. Import your data from a spreadsheet or directly enter it.
  3. Finalize by exporting the result to Flash or PowerPoint files.

It Just Works!

Point your favorite browser to RichChartLive.com and click Go.

That's it: no installs or downloads, hassle free software that just works in any computer, anywhere you need it!

Flexible Options

Rich Chart Live is completely free.

For more demanding users, we have available three flexible time-based passes which allow you to create an unlimited number of charts during that time period:

  • 1-day pass
  • 7-day pass
  • 30-day pass

For more demanding users we also offer a convenient monthly-based subscription.


Impressive Charts
All the common Column, Bar, Area, Line, Pie and Doughnut charts types are available in beautifully designed visual styles. Fine chart axes and backgrounds styles as well as great animations are all included.

Universal Communication
Publish the animated charts to Macromedia Flash® format, viewable by over 98% of web users.

Impress your Audience
Impress with compelling charts published to PowerPoint presentations.

Ease of Use
With a simple click, enhance your charts with a wealth of professionally designed chart Templates and Layouts.
Embed your chart in your Blog or website by just copy & pasting HTML.

Simple Data Import
Works with Microsoft Office®: easily import data from Excel.
Also import data from other spreadsheets.

Communicate with the Whole World
Supports charts with values in Japanese, Chinese and other Unicode languages.

Start Using Rich Chart Live Now for Free!

You can start using Rich Chart Live now for free. Rich Chart Live is now completely free.

The Free Edition does everything the purchased service does except that it puts a small logo on the bottom-right corner of each generated chart. This logo will let other users know that they also can generate their Rich Charts for free.

Chart Gallery

Visit the Chart gallery to see the impressive charts you can create with Rich Chart Live.